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The Altera Wiki is an externally available wiki website dedicated to providing community knowledge on Altera FPGAs, technologies, tools, and their usage. It serves as a dynamic medium for sharing articles and projects and as platform for collateral and design examples. All are encouraged to update and contribute.

The Altera Wiki was founded in 2010 to provide a website for Altera users to contribute technical how-to articles and share their projects and IP with the community for all Altera related topics. The Altera Wiki complements the Altera Forum site. The Altera Forum is still the site to use for Question and Answer community help using thread discussions. Wiki content will often include new material recently created by technical experts, including unsupported beta documentation.

We have integrated the Nios Wiki into the Altera Wiki, including all pages and usernames. If you have any trouble accessing your account, please contact the Admin (wikiadmin 'at' alterawiki 'dot' com). 

Please note this material is not part of Altera's official documentation and should only serve as reference. Official documentation may be found on Altera's main site,

To be a contributor to existing or create new article or project share, just register for a free account and sign in. (Note: Your Altera Wiki account is different from and has no relation to the MyAltera account on

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